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  1. International Arbitration A Double-Edged Sword (Vidisha Poonja)

  2. Drones and the Right to Privacy (Tanya Saxena)

  3. PIL and Judicial Activism (Aditya Tripathi and Nancy Garg)

  4. Case Analysis: Dhananjoy Chatterjee Alias Dhana v. State of West Bengal (Aviral Shrivastava and Ritvik Chouhan)

  5. Role of Indian Judiciary in Incorporating various Fundamental Principles of International Environmental Law (Janavi Venkatesh)

  6. Efficacy of Environment Impact Procedure in India (Manasi Singh)

  7. Retrospective Application of Tax Statutes – Why Always an Unwelcome? (Anita Bharathi A.S.E)

  8. Case Comment: Maninderjit Singh Bitta v. Union of India Ors. (Aum Purohit)

  9. Uniform Civil Code: Revenant of the Future (Aditya Macedo)

  10. Corporate Frauds in India: Study of Companies Act 2013 (Pragya Dixit)

  11. Two Finger Test in Rape Case with Compterna Area (Riya Rathore and Shivanshi Dixit)

  12. Data Protection Laws in India And EU General Data Protection Regulation: A Comparative View (Shruti Sharma)

  13. Unfair Operation Principle: Critiquing its Open-Ended Dissension (Era Gupta)

  14. Implementation of Provisions of Sec. 125, Code of Criminal Procedure: A Critical Study With Reference To Women (Piyush Kumar Roy)

  15. Sexual Harassment at Workplace: Judicial Interpretation (Bhavya Gupta)

  16. Case Brief: M.C. Mehta vs. Union of India (1986) (Jaanvi Shah)

  17. Contempt of Court Vis A Vis Freedom of Speech: A Need to Relook? (Sakshi Suhag)

  18. The Constitutional Armature for Environment (Subhasree Pati and G. Kusuma)

  19. Right to Education, Still an Unfulfilled Dream (Manne Vaishnavi Rao)

  20. Sexual Harassment: A Legal Approach to its Prohibition and Redressal (Nikhil Mishra and Anisha Roy)

  21. Major Challenges to the Indian Judiciary: A Critical Analysis (T.N. Khachitri)

  22. Special Leave to Appeal (Rapaka Sravya)

  23. Arrest and Rights of Arrested Person (Drishti Narbar and Komal Vaid)

  24. Waning Judicial Accountability- Antithetical to the idea of Democracy (Sharadindu Shekhar)

  25. Role of Judiciary in Preventing Water Pollution (Priyanka Mane)

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