Volume 1, Issue 3


Front Pages

  1. Credibility of Related and Interested Witnesses (Shaheen Banoo)

  2. Blockchain And Intellectual Property Rights (Aniqua Zaki and Anam Danish)

  3. Legal Validity of Religious Customs/ Traditions in context of Sabarimala (Kirti Jaggi and Darshna Nair)

  4. Mass Hysterectomy in Beed District Of Maharashtra: A Blot On Constitutional Virtues (Amit Kumar Singh)

  5. Child Trafficking: The modern day slavery (Raj Nandini Singh and Stuti Mathur)

  6. Women and Personal Laws (Kratika Joshi)

  7. Insurance Law (Sanyam Grover)

  8. Freedom of Speech (Niyati Singh)

  9. One nation one election (Prasudha. S)

  10. Biased Media: A Threat to Indian Democracy (Rakesh Kumar)

  11. Climate Change (Sharmeen Saud and Hirok Shuvro Barua)

  12. Role of Various Organisations in Prevention and Protection from Child-Sex Trafficking (Keerthana R Chelluri)

  13. Judicial Reforms- Indian Scenario (Pooja Ratanani, Praveen Mishra and Aviral Jain)

  14. Mob Lynching – An Alarming Issue (Pavan Anil Gautam and Manan Ghanshyambhai Patel)

  15. The Changing Dimensions of Legal Education (Pratiksha Varshney)

  16. Comparitive Study of Rule of Law (Mukesh Kumar Mishra)

  17. Complexities in Ensuring Cyber Security to avoid SEO Infringements (Anita Bharathi A.S.E)

  18. Impact of Climate Change And Gender Discrimination On Women; Health In India: A Legal Analysis (Jayanta Boruah)

  19. A Comparative Study of Moral Rights Across Jurisdictions with an Emphasis on India and the United States (Joseph Moses Parambi)

  20. Sabrimala: An Invasion on Beliefs (Shourya Shubham)

  21. Role Of A Decree In Void Marriages: Through The Lens of  Hindu Marriage Law (Samhitha Sharath Reddy and P.Vasishtan)

  22. Environmental Law and Policy: Perspectives, Realities and Futuristic Tendencies (Pawanpreet Singh)

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